acting it out

the art of learning to live

Thank you for remembering

I knew she would be remembered.

How can you not remember someone who is so full of joy & life?

I knew she would be remembered, because I am here. & my brother is here.

We will carry her with us forever.

I knew she would be remembered, but I still find myself overwhelmed with it.

The love & support that is pouring out, not just from family & friends who are family, but from neighbors, car pool buddies, distance acquaintances, long lost peers, casual encounters, & those who met her, albeit briefly, while on their own life journey.

Even they remember.

If only but a fading memory, a subconscious thought triggered by a sound, a smell, a song.

She will be remembered.
She will continue to love & live in that special way she always did.

So, thank you.
Thank you friends.
Thank you strangers.

It is an honor to experience your words, your thoughts, your prayers & your memories.

Thank you for remembering her with me.


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